Bright Minds Kids Zone uses StayTrak for parent accounts/personal information, child check in/out, invoicing,  and more! Register today from the comfort of your home to lessen the time it takes to enroll your child. If you have registered your child online at home, please let our staff know to help make your check in go quicker! You can also choose to register with us at our facility.

We will be sending out a link to our Parent Portal after your first visit to check your child in faster!

Additional paperwork will be needed upon enrollment to keep in your child's file. All information will be kept behind a locked door to limit access to anyone other than the appropriate Bright Minds Kids Zone Director and Owner. *Immunization records are required to stay open to the public.

If you have been with us and used our old system, no worries, we have switched your information over. We will be reviewing this information to ensure it is all correct and up to date. You can also keep this information up to date on the Parent Portal!



Square processes all of our payments!

How are you billed? As soon as you check in, StayTrak keeps track of the time your child is in our care. You will check out with a staff member that will process your invoice on StayTrak and your payment through Square. You can use cash.app with our Square Terminal. You can also save your card information after your first transaction in Square! Ask a staff member for more information. If your card is saved, check out will go faster and you won't need to bring your card in after your first visit. Your time is rounded up to the next 15 minutes! For example, if you check in at 12:42pm and check out at 1:47pm, your time is rounded up to 2:00pm. If you check out at 1:43pm, your time is 1 hour. There is a 1 minute grace period.


Fuel Fitness Members

You can utilize the gym for up to 2 hours at a discounted rate of $4/hr per kid!! You must be in good standing with Fuel Fitness to receive this discount!


General Public

The general public will be charged $6/hour per kid. 

If you are in need of all day care, please call to make a reservation to ensure we are staffed appropriately. 


Rock'N Play

If your child is enrolled at Rock'N Play in Hamilton, you can utilize care at $5/hr per kid. Go enjoy some kid free time!



GroundWorks Physical Therapy

You can utilize physical therapy and/or Fuel Fitness for up to 2 hours at a discounted rate of $4/hr per kid!! You must be in good standing with GroundWorks to receive this discount!


Fitness Pass

Are you utilizing another gym membership, but need childcare? You can receive up to 2 hours at $5/hr. 

Access Fitness

The Peak

Orange Theory


Why use Drop-In Childcare?

*Last minute childcare issues

*No school

*Dr's Appointments

*Gym Memberships

*Self Care

*Going on a date


*Giving yourself a break!