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Vir-Tu-Ron Online Free Fixed

She and Wade make their way into the game to rescue the two, who soon learn Malcolm & the Wraithmaster are one and the same Ron & Zita attempt to rescue the Wraithmaster's prisoners, but even with Kim & Wade's help, they are easily defeated by the villain until Rufus uses Jim & Tim's computer to access the game, becoming the mythical Tunnel Lord. Using the fight as a distraction, Kim frees the other players, who use a rule in the game and give their power to Zita, granting her the strength to vanquish the Wraithmaster. With peace restored, everyone leaves, except Ron, who convinces Malcolm to join drama club (since he has the shirts), then celebrates his victory with the villain's sword.

Vir-Tu-Ron online free

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By wallacebKnight: Ethelred's high manor. Right on! I shall claim this manor as my own. Total score. Tis dark magic most foul.Wraithmaster: I am the Wraithmaster. And you? You are my prisoner. Spread the word, the Wraithmaster is destined to rule Everlot.Knight: No way, dude. A champion will come. And you will be defeated.Wraithmaster: Who could be so powerful? Rufus: Hey?Ron: Oh, yeah? Monique: I thought you said you had dinner with the family tonight.Kim: I do. Thus the pre-dinner dinner is crucial.Monique: Say what? Kim: My dad's bringing home experimental astronaut food.Monique: Oh, that's nasty.Kim: Oh, yeah. But this time, I'm wearing safety goggles.Ron: It is time.Monique: What's with Ron? Kim: Zita Flores.Ron: Time for my next move.Monique: Ron, what move? You and Zita are in the game.Ron: We gotta take it to the next level.Kim: Really? What ya gonna do? Ron: Just be my totally excellent self. Oh, yeah. Girl: So who is this Wraithmaster guy?Jake: No one knows, but he's sticking up Everlot.Ron: Everlot? Online... sword and sorcery... game. Right on, I'm all about the virtual worlds! Zita: At least, you got to see some action. I'm trapped in the Magnosian Thorn Bog.Girl: How can you be trapped? You're a she-warrior, of the ice mountain.Jake: And you've got the Sword of Elsinor. Zita: I know, I'd slam the Wraithmaster, if I could just get out of the bog.Malcolm: Is that a damsel in distress?All: Malcolm.Zita: Oh, hey. Have you been zapped by Wraithmaster yet?Malcolm: I have not, but what a player. Some say the best ever. Jake: He's creep just out to ruin everybody's game.Malcolm: Perhaps, Jake, or perhaps he is destined to rule Everlot. They say he is both a mighty warrior and a powerful sorcerer.Ron: Zita's a she-thing from whatever with the sword of whosy whats it, she could take on the Wraithsist.Malcolm: Wraithmaster.Ron: Is that what she's calling herself now? Zita: If I just had that aspen wand of New Forest...Ron: Which is so much better than the aspen wand of Old Forest.Zita: You actually have one?Ron: Well, you know, virtually speaking.Zita: That rocks! You can meet me on the bog tonight. Ron: Yes, I could. I can meet you in the bog with my... what was that again?Malcolm: Do you even play Everlot?Ron: I dabble. Kim: How's the game?Ron: Ferociously tough. How was the astronaut food? Kim: Same. I thought you were the king of video games.Ron: When it's blasting something or racing something. Everlot is like this whole complicated world.Kim: Which Rufus is in.Ron: Thanks buddy. I'll take it from here. Buckle up, Everlot! Ron Stoppable has arrived.Kim: Peasant chic. Stylee. Ron: I'm a knave. It's where you start. I just need some magic stuff. You see that chest? Watch.Ron: Just a glitch. Wade: Hey, Kim. What's up?Kim: Know anything about Everlot?Wade: Currently the fastest-growing online multi-player game around! Uses a fuzzy-logic, hierarchy-modeled after...Kim: Nerd alert! Let's try that again. Do you know how to play it? Wade: Affirmative.Kim: Ron said he'd meet Zita in Everlot but he's having trouble... surviving. Wade: Don't open it, trade it with dwarf.Ron: For the fireball?Wade: No, he's got a watering can! That, my friend, is the aspen power wand of New Forest.Ron: Boo-yah! Hmm? hmm. Whoa! Oof! Hey, Z!Zita: Hey! Ron: Wait, what do I do now? Wade: Cross the sword of Elsinor with the aspen power wand of... Ron: ...New Forrest, and say the magic words.Zita: And what are the magic words?Ron: Treguna macoides! Zita: We did it! Ron: Coolio.Zita: The Wraithmaster.Ron: Sorry, dude. Gotta go.Wraithmaster: Wait. How did you escape?Ron: Maybe I haven't heard, but Zita and me, we're sort of a team. Wraithmaster: Knave, you'll pay for your impudence!Ron: Wait! Wait! Wade!Wade: Hit the ground with the power wand, saying, "bog open"!Ron: Bog open! Open, open, open! Wraithmaster: Noooo!Ron: Wraithmaster, no big.Zita: A knave can't do that.Ron: I'm no ordinary knave.Wraithmaster: Thou shalt pay for thy treachery, knave! Zita: So tonight meet me in the Glade of Destiny?Ron: Or, you know, I know of this quaint little cafe.Zita: In Everlot?Ron: In reality.Zita: Bueno Nacho? Ron: A-boo-yah!Zita: Hi, Malcolm.Ron: Dude.Malcolm: Knave... Ron: That's cool when it's just us guys but, you know, clean up your act, we?re entertaining a lady! Kim: Hey, you don't tell him to cut that out the gross stuff when I'm around.Ron: What's your point?Kim: Never mind.Mr. Dr P: Ronald! Look! We got little sombreros!Kim: I'll never complain about space food again. Save me, please! Ron: Can't, meeting Zita. Kim: Excellent. For you.Mr. Dr P: Check it out! They grande-sized our beans.Jim: We're gonna make bean launchers.Tim: Out of sporks and bendy straws. Tweebs: Hoosha! Ron: Zita!Zita: Ron, I just got a text page. There's this Everlot thing downtown. All the local power players are gonna be there.Ron: Really? Yeah? Power players? Hey, what are we waiting for? Zita: You can learn a ton of things from other players. Well, not you. You already rock. Ron: I don't know if I go so far, you know... rock! Ron: Who sent you this page?Zita: Yeah, this is freaky.Ron: Good thing nobody else showed up. There's only two chairs.Zita: Er, what's that sound?Ron: NG.Zita: What's NG?Ron: Not good.Zita: Hey! Stop it! Ron: Hey, let go Zita: What happened?Ron: Let's see, we were downtown...Zita: Not any more. We're in Everlot. Wraithmaster: Welcome to the game. Fair Zita, she-warrior of the ice mountain! Be myqueen. We'll rule Everlot together.Ron: There you go. I hope you two'll be happy together.Zita: Very funny. Ron: Sure, yeah. I'm? I'm a funny, funny knave.Zita: Zephyrus escape!Wraithmaster: Curses! Kim: Wade, we've got a problem.Wade: Kim, you must be psychic. I was just going to call. We got a hit on the site.Kim: Tell him to take a number, something happen to Ron.Wade: How do you know?Kim: Rufus told me. Kim: At least I think that's what he's saying.Wade: OK, I'll call back that guy at Everlot Inc.Kim: Everlot Inc? Wait, isn't that...Wade: I think Rufus sees a connection.Kim: Apparently. Nevius: The missing project was next generation gaming technology, a way to plug the five senses directly into the game world.Kim: Ouch.Nevius: Not literally. The player would just wear what we call... an immersion cap. Slip it on, and zap! You're in Everlot!Kim: So it's like virtual reality?Nevius: More like actual reality, really. It's not quite as real as reality but we're really, really close. Kim: Really?Nevius: We'd be shipping them worldwide, if it weren't for the... problems.Kim: What kind of problems?Nevius: Well, it seems that once you're in the game, you can't get out till you win.Kim: Can't you slip the cap off? Nevius: We tried that with him.Kim: The little guy looks fine. OK. Thanks, Mr. Nevius. ...Nevius. Any relation toMalcolm Nevius?Nevius: My son, and Everlot's number one fan.Kim: Wade? I know where to find Ron. OK, Wade. Ready?Wade: Ready. See you in cyberspace!Kim: Well, here we go. Wade? You're a giant!Wade: Actually, I'm normal size. Kim: Oh, great.Wade: You're a spritekin. You gotta start small.Kim: Stupid game. Ron: Wraith boy is taking prisoners.Zita: What's his damage? Ron: I think he's trying to impress you.Zita: By being good at Everlot? Like I'm that shallow? It's just a game. Can you imagine?Ron: No, I can't. Hey, Zita?Zita: Come on, we gotta free the other players.Ron: Are all girls like this, or just the ones I know? Jake: Finally. Tell me you're going to get us out of here.Zita: Jake? Is that you? Jake: What's with you guys be in normal clothes?Ron: Don't know. Would like to know. Don't.Zita: Let me guess, the Wraithmaster captured you. Jake: He won't let us out to relinquish our power.Boy: I'm not worried. We're gonna be saved by the Tunnel Lord.Ron: Tunnel Lord?Zita: I thought he was just a legend.Jake: He might as well be. That dude hasn't logged on for like forever. Boy: He'll show. He'll save us.Zita: Better idea. We'll save you.Ron: It's locked. Maybe I can pick it. Do you have a bobby pin?Zita: I don't know. Let me ask my grandmother.Wraithmaster: Looking for this? Ron: You gotta get that thing checked.Zita: Fenestra dimensia!Wraithmaster: What? You are powerful. You would make a most fitting queen.Zita: I will be queen when I vanquish you. Wraithmaster: Enough!Ron: You should really stop doing that; this guy's a total... Malcolm.Zita: Malcolm?Wraithmaster: Ha ha ha ha ha!Ron: OK, well, now that I know it's him, I've got an idea. Zita: What?Ron: Run! Ron and Zita: Whoa!Ron: The bugs in Everlot are really annoying.Kim: Ron!Ron: What? Zita: What what?Ron: You said Ron.Zita: No, I didn'tRon: KP? You're a...Zita: A spritekin.Ron: Ah, that's so cute.Kim: Watch it, knave. Wade: There you are. Ron: Yo! Cyber Wade!Wade: Hey, Ron.Ron: So, guys, here's the deal. Zita and I are trapped in a warehouse downtown wearing some kind of...Kim: Immersion caps.Ron: OK, let's call them "immersion caps". Just get them off us and get us out of this game! Kim: We can't, Ron. The systems whacked.Ron: It is a game, right? I mean bytes and bits. I mean, if I don't wanna be here, I can just leave.Wade: The only way out is to win the game.Ron: And if we lose?Kim: So, the weather here, it's nice. Zita: So we win! You're the Everlot master. Feel up to it?Ron: Bring it on! Malcolm: Zita? Hi! What's going on? Me? Oh, nothing, really. You know, just hanging out, being Omni powerful.Jake: What a loser. Boy: It's the Tunnel Lord. He's here!All: It's...just them.Wade: You guys are popular. Malcolm: Huh? Ready to give up?Kim: I was about to ask you the same question!Malcolm: Be gone, Possible!Wade: Nice distraction, Kim. Kim: Ow! Right... distraction. Zita: Let's do it! Ron and Zita: Ahhhhhh!Malcolm: Prepare to... Ahhhh! Wade: Quit hitting yourself with your sword. Quit hitting yourself with your sword. Uh-oh! Malcolm: Enough! Wade: Hey!Malcolm: A wizard in chains and a caged spritekin. I'm invincible now. Ron: There's something you should know. Before last night I never played Everlot.Zita: But you had the power wand of aspen, you knew the magic words! Ron: I had help.Zita: What kind of help?Ron: The cheating kind of help.Zita: You're a neewb?! Kim: We need an amulet, or some spelly thing. Wade: I've tried every dungeon claim I know. We're stuck!Kim: Rufus! I know you wanna help, but we know what we're gonna do tosave them. Wade, what are we going to do to save them?Wade: I don't know. Jim: There's no way you can change the weather. Tim: Yeah-huh! Bet me!Jim: You're on.Jim: Hey! Hikka-bikka-boo.Tim: Hoo-sha. Zita: Hey! Ron: Let go of her, dude!Malcolm: Join me, and be Queen of Everlot.Zita: Never.Malcolm: How about gone with me to the Spring Fling Dance?Zita: Also a never, and in a million years Malcolm: Too tight?Zita: Yes.Malcolm: Good. **Boy: Told ya he?d come!Jake: I can't believe it! The Tunnel Lord! Ron: No way! Rufus? Malcolm: Prepare to meet your doom, Tunnel Lord. Kim: Zita! Let me out!Zita: What are you gonna do?Kim: Get some help. Kim: Ron, help!Ron: I'm on it, KP. Whoa! Ahh! Ow! Ow! Hey, KP let me get that for ya.Kim: Thanks. Ron: Everybody! Everybody! Look the rule say you can pass your powers to another player. That's what we have to do!Jake: Should we give them to you? Ron: No, no way! I'm just a neewb knave. Give 'em to a real player, give 'em to Zita. Malcolm: Ahhhhhhhh!Zita: Game over, Malcolm.Malcolm: The Wraithmaster admits defeat. Crowd: Yea!Zita: Um, hi. Ron: Well, the goal was to impress her.Kim: It just turned out to be Rufus who did it.Ron: Yeah, Rufus. Not me.Kim: What now? Ron: What else? Bueno Nacho in ten.Kim: See you there. Hey, Zita! You hungry?Zita: Yeah, let's jet. Ron!?Malcolm: Sorry about the whole trapping you in cyber-reality. Ron: These things happen. To me.Malcolm: I was gonna be the Supreme Overlord of this magical realm. Now what do I do?Ron: Hey, try out for the drama club?Malcolm: Drama club?Ron: You've already got the shirts. Malcolm: You're so right, I do have the shirts! Thanks, knave. Zita: Ron! Are you coming out or what?Ron: In a minute. Boo-yah! 350c69d7ab


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