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Patakara Lip Trainer Buy

The Patakara trainer is an all-purpose tool for prolongation of youth and correction of appearing cosmetic troubles. Training your facial muscles with this tool, you can reach a rejuvenating effect, improve the skin condition and the skin tone. Patakara does things for your face which are beyond the contour correction, biorevitalization and plastic surgery.

patakara lip trainer buy

Surprisingly, these are not yet all miracles this simple trainer is able to do. Regardless of its initial purpose, the Patakara trainer has a positive impact on the whole body. Patakara exercises may even relieve sickness by normalizing the blood circulation, body oxygenation, and working face and neck muscles.

The Patakara trainer is based on the yoga principle. The point is not the tensioning (although this is also important for the tone), but the stretching. Using the Patakara lip trainer, the facial musculature is involved in the process in its entirety, which, directly or indirectly, is tied with the orbicular muscle of mouth and forms a strong framework. And the skin always follows the mimic muscles it is tightly bound with.

Thank youI've used lip trainer for about 10 years. We started using it to encourage my son (with Down syndrome) using it. His mouth closure and clearness of speech improved tremendously after using it. I also found myself reduced wrinkles. In fact, I have less wrinkles than 10 years ago. So my friend wants to use it as well. This order is for her.My email: alicexxxxx@gmail.comI will forward info to her. Thank you for bring this wonderful device to us!*There are individual differences in effect. User female 50's with Sleep Apnea used a liptrainer for nearly 3 weeks, and my sleep apnea has not returned since. I did observe significant adjustments to the mouth nose region that aids in breathing.Message through SNS from Yxx Lxxx to Lxx Wxx Cxxxx 21:25 July 2, 2020

Dear Mr Oya san, My name is Pat and I have been using your liptrainer since I bought it from you on Sat night 2/4/16. I use it more than 4 times a day and even in office I continue to use it. I do find that I can breathe better and my nose is not that congested. I will persist and do the 3 mins exercise 4 times and see whether my sinus gets better and my snoring will lessen. Thank You for your email and if there are other methods that I can use with the lip trainer please do not hesitate to email me.

My sister is the first to use this lip trainer, her face and chin was noticeably sharper. One year later she bought it for my mother as well. My mother has only been using it for two weeks and has seen good results. A delightful result was the strengthening the muscles around her lips which made her lips look more plump.

My family and I started to use this lip-trainer in 2009 as my hubby has sleep apnea problem. When he faithfully used it 2-3 times a day, his snoring problem seemed to be improved and I could sleep in peace.

At the same time, the dentist told my 12 years old son that he need dental braces to correct his bulging teeth problem and it costs a few thousand dollars. I remember one of the features the lip-trainer has was corrections of teeth alignment problem so I bought my son a lip trainer. He too faithfully use it as he really wants to look nice!

The Liptrainer certainly has. I call it a miraculous product and am recommending this to friends. I bought it with sceptism, more because I do not have an alternative other than medicine. I accepted the product believing no side effects because it would be used externally and not consumed, unlike many multi-level marketing health products such as supplements.

The product started showing its greatness after 5 months of consistent use. Although I use another health product and that we have been on traditional Chinese medicine for one year, I can single out with certainty that Liptrainer did the miracle.

My mum age 74, a dementia patient, and I, have been using the Liptrainer since September 2013. I used the product for rhinitis and general immunity as I fell sick often. Our health has improved very much since.

The improvements are gradual but really visible and I believe these have to do with enhanced motor movements (coordination of brains and limbs; nervous system) as well as cognitive functions. Even my two maids have taken notice of the improvements and make effort to help her use the Liptrainer every day.

P.S: My message to all liptrainer users is: Be committed to your health. Liptrainer will save you from health deterioration. If you do not have an alternative to western medicine, give it a fair chance to serve you, by being discipline and using it as recommended.

Symptom: sleep apnea, snoring, blocked nose Message: I received my lip trainer a week today. I am so astonished at the results in such a short time, I had to write. I have suffered the above symptoms for years. I waken several times through the night, and always have to go to the toilet too. I could hardly breathe through my nose, and my throat felt closed all of the time. After the first three days of using the lip trainer, I have slept for 7 hours for the past three nights without waking or having to go to the toilet! My blocked nose is clear and my throat doesn't have that choking feeling. I feel more alive than I have for years. I'm bursting with energy. I guess it must be all of the oxygen that I'm breathing in!! I have recommended it to friends, and will continue to recommend it to everyone. I was cynical at first that such an apparently simple thing could do the things that's it's recommended for, but I have no doubts now! It's absolutely amazing! Thank you so much!

Hello, Thanks for the information, it is very interesting. I actually found out about the Lip trainer after reading notes someone had taken at one of Dr. Klinghardts conferences. I take note of thing he mentions because I feel he is a very good cutting edge kind of doctor.

Hi Mr Oya, Here is our testimony: "The effects of lip-trainer have been really effective; previously I used to wake up 2 to 3 times at night to go to the toilet. After using the lip-trainer for 2 weeks, I have stopped waking up to go to the toilet at night. I feel that my immune system is better, and I have been having better sleep at night and feel more energetic when I wake up compared to before using the lip-trainer. I have been using the lip-trainer since 30th Dec 2012, and I have been using it 3-4 times each day. It requires one to have discipline to keep using it, but the effect has been very encouraging. Thank you very much for recommending me such a simple yet effective device" - Ms Wong (Singapore) Best regards, Dxxxx Txxxxx *There are individual differences in effect. Testimonial from a female cancer patient with radio therapy in Singapore From: "Wxx Jxx Bxx" To: "Oya Seiichiro" Sent: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 1:20 PM Subject: My experience with the lip trainer Thank you for explaining to me the benefits of using the Patakara Lip Trainer. Thank you also for explaining to my friends who visit the shop. In June this year, I was given the Liptrainer by a friend to help me with my facial muscles, smile and buzzing. It really was a big help to me after my major surgery, in the midst of my radiotherapy and present days. The materials on how the Liptrainer can help patients and users' personal testimonies encouraged me to use it.

Since then, I have been using it four times a day on average.In the last six months, I notice changes to my facial muscles. My face was slightly crooked due to surgery and some parts of my face and lips could not move readily. That has recovered supernaturally with God's healing. I also think the liptrainer that helps to exercise my facial muscles may have brought on the speedy recovery.

During radiotherapy, the mouth felt dry. Saliva is very important to help me eat. But due to treatment, appetite was gone and saliva felt little. I also had nauseus. So I deliberately used the trainer each time before I ate.

I find that it helped me. Using the liptrainer before my meals usually generates more saliva for me. That helps me to eat better, which is really necessary for radiotherapy patients, even though we really do not want to eat as food tastes awful at some stage.

I have sinus. But I notice, there are periods where I don't have it anymore, after using the liptrainer. The occurence is much less. I also have deep sleep, and usually don't wake up at all now in the middle of the night. Deep sleep is good for immunity, so I am grateful the Liptrainer helped me to sleep well, as the lips are closed tightly, the tongue is in the position it should be each time I doze.

Though I'm looking forward to the day my ear stops buzzing, it hasn't happened for me yet. It is said that if we exercise three minutes per time, the buzzing will stop. But I think perhaps for my case, after a major surgery and radiotherapy, the ear is affected much. I will still use the trainer. Perhaps one day, the loud buzzes in my ear will cease.

But for now, I'm grateful that the Liptrainer gives me a way to exercise my lips, face and brain, in a way I never knew. It is effortless to use. But discipline is required. I am thankful it has helped me see improvements in my face, lip strength, muscles, saliva generation and overall sleep. I am also thankful that it helped some friends who are using it.

*There are individual differences in effect. No more snoring from female patient by lip trainer offered by Dr Kundel in USA (excerpt from facebook of Lip Trainer Patakara) Name : Lxx Axx Gxxxxx November 23, 2012 20:45 This seemingly innocuous little plastic mouth tool stopped all my snoring within a few days. This alone has been a tremendous gift! Now, the only snoring in my household are from my dogs. *There are individual differences in effect. 041b061a72


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