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Race 1 Wave 85 Font Free __LINK__

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Race 1 Wave 85 Font Free

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Kite: Performance free ride kite.Surf: Big wave riding or light rider.SUP: Big wave riding or light rider.Tow: Ideal for experienced tow riders.Wake: Experienced riders.Wing Foil: All riders in strong winds. We recommend the setup below, much depends on rider weight, ability and chosen foil sports.

POST RACE ENTERTAINMENT: The finish venue is a holiday party! Tents at the finish venue create a wonderful and safe meeting place for post-race photo ops, conversation, beer drinking and more. Vendors selling products and giving away freebies will be there to peruse and investigate as you revel in a race well done.

Swim Course Length: 0.5 miles. Cut-off Time: The swim course closes at 9:15am (1 hour after the last swim wave starts).Bike Course Length: 17 miles. Cut-off Time: The bike course closes at 11:05am (1 hour 50 mins after swim course closes).Run Course Length: 4 miles. Cut-off Time: All runners must be off the race course at 12:30 pm. (1 hours 25 mins after bike course closure).

During July 11-27, a total of 465 deaths were certified asheat-related by the CCMEO Figure_1; during July 4-10, no deathswere certified as heat-related. The highest number of heat-relateddeaths previously certified by the CCMEO -- associated with a heatwave in 1988 -- was 77. The number of heat-related deaths peaked 2days after the heat index peaked. Deaths increased from 49 (July14) to a maximum of 162 (July 15) Figure_1. Of the 465 decedents,257 (55%) were male. Based on race-specific data, 229 (49%)decedents were black; 215 (46%), white; and 21 (5%), otherracial/ethnic groups.** Within racial categories, 128 (56%) blackswere male, and 114 (53%) whites were male. Of the 437 decedents forwhom age could be determined, age ranged from 3 years to 103 years(median: 75 years, mean: 72 years); 222 (51%) were aged greaterthan or equal to 75 years.

The differential impact of a heat wave on specific populationsubgroups cannot be determined based on ME data alone because ofincompleteness and potential bias (3,4). For example, based onCCMEO data, a disproportionately high number of heat-related deathsoccurred among blacks in Chicago on July 15 Figure_1. BecauseCCMEO data do not include all deaths nor equally represent allsocioeconomic status (SES) categories, it is not yet possible tocompletely describe mortality, calculate death rates, or determinewhether the race- and sex-specific distribution of the heat-relateddeaths is disproportionate to overall mortality in Chicago. Acase-control study is under way in Chicago to examine theinfluences of SES and specific environmental factors onheat-related mortality.

The far field is the space outside the near field, meaning that the far field begins at a point at least one wavelength distance from the noise source. Standard sound level meters (i.e., type I and type II) are reliable in this field, but the measurements are influenced by whether the noise is simply originating from a source (free field) or being reflected back from surrounding surfaces (reverberant field).

A free field is a region in which there are no reflected sound waves. In a free field, sound radiates into space from a source uniformly in all directions. The sound pressure produced by the source is the same in every direction at equal distances from the point source. As a principle of physics, the sound pressure level decreases 6 dB, on a Z-weighted (i.e., unweighted) scale, each time the distance from the point source is doubled. This is a common way of expressing the inverse-square law in acoustics and is shown in Figure 4.

The wave start allows us to manage the entire race based upon how many participants we place in each wave, the correct and proper size and layout for each start group (wave), and by establishing the specific start times and exact time increments in between each wave.

Middle school or high school students who are on a ski team in Wisconsin and have not previously skied a Kortelopet may be eligible for a free race entry provided by the Wisconsin Nordic Network. Contact your school team coach to apply. The Korte Scholarship is made possible by donations, contact WINN to donate and send a kid to the Korte!

Participants who have never completed an American Birkebeiner, Kortelopet, or Prince Haakon event will be placed in the last wave. The goal of wave placement is to place participants of similar abilities together to minimize passing and encourage a smooth flowing race.

The Kortelopet Skate and Classic races each have an elite wave. The Kortelopet Skate Elite Wave is comprised of the top 100 men and 50 women from the 2022 Kortelopet SKATE only; Kortelopet Classic Elite Wave is top 40 men and 20 women from the 2022 Kortelopet CLASSIC only. Participants qualifying for a Korte Elite Wave will automatically be placed in the Elite Wave wave upon registering. Skiers qualifying for the Elite Wave may register for the race until January 17, 2023. Elite Wave qualifiers that skied a different technique or did not participate in the 2022 Kortelopet will not be placed in the elite wave, but may request to be put on the Elite Waitlist. Anyone skiing in the 2022 elite wave due to an elite upgrade request will have to make the request again in 2023. Athletes racing a different technique in 2023 or elite athletes new to the Kortelopet must request to be placed on the Elite Wave Waitlist by emailing Emails should include a race resume or qualifications.

Wave upgrades are subject to availability, if the wave that you qualify for is full, you will be assigned to the next wave with space available. You will receive an updated wave placement email confirmation if an upgrade has been made. If you do NOT receive an updated e-mail confirmation within 14 business days, contact In an effort to create an environment with reduced on-trail passing, consistent race flow, reduced congestion in aid stations, and the safest possible environment for all skiers, we are unable to downgrade a skier to a wave that is slower than the wave they qualify for (and outside of the wave options provided in the Race Day Selection emails).

Age class awards will be awarded to the top three males and females, in both the freestyle and classic races, in each of the following age classes. Awards are based on the participants net time (finish arrival time minus start time). 350c69d7ab


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