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Joshua Turner
Joshua Turner

Teeworlds Botox Bot 35

ThunderbirdI did not add the thunderbird as that feature was random and shitty (IMO).I however see that some special feature would be nice, so people are invited to join a discussion on in order to talk about what that should be.It should not be inherently random, as this violates a golden rule of teeworlds.(I thought about maybe introducing something which gets triggered when an entire team is frozen)

teeworlds botox bot 35

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Did you know that all the clients (Including the official one) have functions to spam server (Random Text), automove and autofire?So we should ban all the clients (Including the official one) from! (I Will not teach how to spam rooms, sry, I consider it a cheat/bot that the official client have for no reason)

Give me some Time and you don't need this strange stuff anymore . I didn't read this topic before but a few days ago I've started to programm (just 4 fun and because of boredome) teeworlds for Android. It isn't just a Port or whatever but pure programming. I've already tested the movements and I would say it works really good . But I have some problems with the hook because I don't really know how you should control It later because th,e one hand do you need for the movement and the other one for shooting so it is really tricky. Maybe you have some ideas . At the moment I am working at the menu so stay tuned ;D. Sorry for my (maybe) bad english and for the spellingI was at the phone ;D.


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