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Eufy Robovac 11 Buy

It has a 1300 Pa suction power rating. Pa stands for Pascal Pressure Unit, and the higher the number is, the better the suction power. Not all companies list this measurement, and iRobot told us the spec is not ideal for comparing robot vacuums because the measurement is recorded inconsistently. We mention it here to indicate that the suction power is decent for a robovac in this price range. The more expensive Roborock S6, which is our top vacuum pick, has a higher 2000 Pa suction power rating, for example.

eufy robovac 11 buy

It doesn't have any of the fancier smart features you'd find on more expensive robovacs, either. There's no Alexa support, no-go lines, or Wi-Fi connectivity built into the 11S. Instead, you use a remote control to operate the robovac. If you want a smart appliance, this isn't it, and you'd do better to look at another of our top picks.

eufy provides a straightforward, hassle-free warranty to save you from headaches. All pre-owned and refurbished products come with their own unique warranty that you can find on the product listing or contact us at with your order receipt for confirmation.

One important feature in newer models is smart mapping, which uses the latest technology to create a map of your home. This then shows you the route the robovac will take, letting you make changes as you see fit. Not all vacuums offer this functionality.

TL;DR: The self-charging eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S Max(Opens in a new tab) wasn't on sale for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, but today you can snag it for 37% off thanks to an Amazon Deal of the Day and one of the site's digital coupons. It normally retails for $269.99, but you'll pay just $170.05 once both discounts are applied.

Exhibit A: Amazon is currently running a Deal of the Day *and* doling out extra savings coupons for the eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S MAX(Opens in a new tab), a powerful (yet surprisingly quiet) self-charging robot vacuum that wasn't on sale at any point on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

Included with purchase are essentials such as the charging base, remote control, and power adapter, as well as AAA batteries, high-performance filters, and replacement brushes. Snag a quality robovac today while the sale is live at Walmart. 041b061a72


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