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Richard Branson The Virgin Way Pdf 14

Branson is as well known for his death-defying "near-miss" accidents as for his business acumen. In 1987, he made his "virgin" parachute jump just weeks before embarking on a trans-Atlantic balloon voyage with co-pilot Per Lindstrand in the largest balloon ever made-replete with eight burners and twelve miles of fabric. In preparation for the balloon flight, Branson took a skydiving lesson and nearly killed himself when he inadvertently unhooked his own parachute. A courageous jump instructor rescued Branson in mid-air. Shortly afterward, Branson made the balloon trip from Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine, across the Atlantic to Ireland for the first trans-Atlantic crossing in a balloon. Branson attempted a landing upon arrival in Ireland, but encountered severe problems with the wind and narrowly escaped a harrowing death in the icy Atlantic Ocean.

Richard Branson The Virgin Way Pdf 14

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