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Joshua Turner
Joshua Turner

Gumroad €? Sketch Concepting Tutorial

Jakub explains the design process step-by-step, how to approach research, how to trigger creative thinking, and how to iterate on your ideas. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a good understanding how to create a 3D kitbash set in VR, how to translate your 2D sketch into a 3D building, and how to create a full 3D scene in Blender.

Gumroad – Sketch Concepting Tutorial

There's a ton of great Artists doing gumroad tutorials these days. Here's a list to get started. Feel free to post others that you know of (Some of these fit into multiple categories. I'll do the best I can) and I'll add them.

This is a step by step tutorial on concepting a robotic character from start to finish (NO TIME-LAPSES). The tutorial runs at normal speed with real-time explanations of what I'm doing, so it's better suited for beginners and not advanced users.

  • Cartoony Character Concept TutorialThis tutorial covers all the steps of creating a character.Thumbnail sketches

  • Sketch exploration

  • Color sketches

  • Final render

  • The focus of the tutorial is sharing my experience working with clients, thoughts and process for creating character concepts from start to finish. This tutorial is made for you who want to explore character design and concept. But already know the basics of Photoshop.Tutorial includes:2 hour video with full audio descriptions

  • All files used in the tutorial video

  • All PSD files

Hope you like it, and I appreciate any feedback for future tutorials.Watch online or Download for FreeCartoonyCharacter_Tutorial_Video[Gumroad] Cartoony Character Concept Tutorial by Max Grecke.7z[Gumroad] Cartoony Character Concept Tutorial by Max Grecke_Subtitles.7z

In this tutorial I develop a character idea in 3 different directions to show how you can take a simple idea and branch into several visual styles. I go over developing shapes, forms, color and lighting. I also show how to start with a very loose gestural sketch and refine it into a more finished rendering by refining the drawing, without losing the idea, and then rendering from grayscale into color.


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