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GAY men are far more likely as adults to live in some form ofcommunal life or intentional community than are our straight siblings. Thepattern has been noted in cities, suburbs, and rural areas. Examining ruralqueer communities more than fifteen years ago, one author remarked on"the diversity of community helping structures that ... gay men haveelaborated."

adult sexgay

Over the ten days of gathering, meals are prepared and cleaned upcommunally. The programs flow from whatever anyone is moved to offer:meditation, a hike, drumming, discussions about leather, sex, gay ecology,holistic remedies for HIV, or just a lot of hanging at the pool or hot tub.Massages--non-sexual, Swedish, shiatsu, Tantric, sexual, clothed, naked, yourchoice--are offered on outdoor tables under huge oak trees, given andreceived for free. In the words of the day's kitchen coordinator:"I see men open up here in ways I see [at] no other place in myexistence." The Sweet Williams share some features with the profusenetwork of gay adult camps now being created around the country. They go bynames like Camp (Boston), Camp Lifeguard (California), Camp New Hope(Pennsylvania), and just plain Camp (Seattle). By whatever name, all arecommunal crucibles where grown men share group lives for a weekend, a week,or longer. 041b061a72


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