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Omnis Studio 6 Serial Number Generator: Is It Safe and Legal?

*If you are using Omnis Studio 8.0.2 you will need to use the syncdemo802 library and version 2.3 of the Sync Server which uses a RESTful interface to communicate with mobile clients. When using the new SyncServer 2.3 you now require a Web Services serial number to use the Sync Server in the Development version of Studio 8.0.2 (all Server versions of Omnis include Web Services support). Contact your local sales office for further information.

Omnis Studio 6 Serial Number

3) On your PC, download the iMM-6 serial calibration file (found on the bottom of the iMM-6 aluminum container) for your specific microphone and save it where you can easily locate it. You will need the serial number that is printed on the back of your iMM-6 carrying case to access the unique calibration file for your iMM-6.

In Sibelius 3 to 6, your serial number appears at the bottom of the Help > About Sibelius dialog (in the Sibelius menu on Mac OS X).In Sibelius 7.1 or later, you will see System ID instead of the serial number.

Your Sibelius serial number is also printed on the back of the case that your original Sibelius CD-ROM came in. Don't lose this CD-ROM case, as without your serial number you will have problems reinstalling or re-registering Sibelius.

If you bought the Sibelius upgrade, it doesn't include any new serial number. You can use the serial number which you received when you purchased your first version of Sibelius. To activate the Sibelius upgrade, click here.

Displaying HebiLookup provides an overview of all devices that are visible on the network. The Family and Name columns show the user-settable names, and the Serial Number column shows the unique serial number of each device.

Devices that belong to the same system can be combined into a HebiGroup. Groups represent the basic way to send commands and retrieve feedback. They provide convenient ways to deal with devices, and handle high-level issues such as data synchronization and logging. Devices can be identified by user settable parameters, such as their name or family, or hardware constants, such as their serial number or mac address.


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