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Meike Mk320 Manual Pdf =LINK=

Something I can't find in the published specs is the minimum TTL distance. I'm looking for a small flash for macro work (in Sony fitting) and the little Metz 24 I've tried just can't handle working that close. Is there any indication of this in the manual?

Meike Mk320 Manual Pdf


Now keep in mind that even in the manual mode, while adjusting power level - anywhere ffom 1/1 to 1/128, you still have the option of setting flash exposure compensation, bringing the power down even further (i.e. for close up subjects).

I just received my Meike MK320. I am having a problem with it, but I think it is just an undocumented feature that is the problem, not a bad unit. The problem is that none of the buttons do anything, although the flash works out-of-the-box in TTL mode on my Fuji X-T1. I think there is a way to lock and unlock the buttons, and they are in the locked mode. I think this is the case because in the lower left of the display screen there is what looks like a padlock. The instruction manual does not mention anything about this, nor does it show the padlock in any of the figures of the display screen.

Al contrario que su hermano pequeño, el MK-320 permite trabajar en modo maestro en TTL. Además, también dispone de otros modos de configuración que dan la posibilidad de controlar la intensidad en manual, TTL y multi. Si nos fijamos en el modo manual se puede establecer la salida en 8 niveles, entre 1/1 y 1/128, más pasos de 1/3. En TTL también se permite esta configuración siendo el rango de compensación de -3 EV a +3 EV. Gracias a los modos S1 y S2 el MK320 también funciona con conexión inalámbrica óptica.

Qué otros accesorios incluye el nuevo flash Meike? Junto con el Meike MK320 se incluye un pie para usarlo como flash esclavo, una bolsa protectora y de transporte, un difusor rígido y un manual de instrucciones.

Aunque consta de varias carencias como un tiempo de reciclaje lento o la falta de zoom para adaptarse a tu distancia focal, se compensa con un cabezal giratorio para suavizar la luz desde la perspectiva o ángulo necesarios. Además incluye varios modos de trabajo difíciles de encontrar en otros flashes de mayor tamaño como el modo Multi, TTL o modo esclavo óptico, además del modo manual.

As a manual lens with no electronic contacts, there is, unfortunately, no aperture coupling. This means that the lens is stepped down at the current aperture setting when composing your photo. This is important for a few reasons.

The Meike MK-910 looks almost identical to the Nikon SB-910/SB900 flashes. Button layouts are basically the same and the biggest physical determining factors for each flash is the make and model number printed on the plastic shell. The build quality is really good and it feels solid. It is features rich, supporting iTTL, 2nd curtain sync, wireless and optical master and slave modes, auto and manual zoom, flash exposure compensation, flash exposure bracketing and much more.

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