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Buy Wristbands Online VERIFIED

For added security and tracking purposes, bar coding is the perfect answer. Our bar coded products are checked prior to production to ensure readability. Bar coding can be applied to all of our materials and wristbands. Bar coding is a solution for tracking attendance levels for one event or visits to many attractions. The added security means no opportunity for counterfeit wristbands. We accept a variety of codes. Contact our helpful service representatives for assistance!

buy wristbands online

Custom number options are only limited by your imagination. Track the number of bands used, track your inventory, account for admission fees, use numbers to distribute prizes (drawings), and more. Custom numbering and unique codes can be applied to all the wristbands we produce. Just ask our sales team for their expert guidance.

Match identical numbers for security purposes. Excellent solution for day care or school outings. Match the guardian with the child, exactly. Use duplicate numbers for tracking equipment and inventory purposes. Attach one wristband on the product or device. File the other duplicate number wristband. You can even write notes on the wristbands for informational purposes. Duplicate number wristbands are available in Tyvek.

Tyvek wristbands are perfect for short term use at events because they are affordable, durable and secure. Our Tyvek wristbands have a strong adhesive closure to make them tamper proof and secure. Each band is sequentially numbered and is made from 100% recyclable material. They are the perfect product for admit one entry. Our stock wristbands ship same day so you can replenish your wristband supply quickly.

Our Tyvek wristbands work as a perfect option for Covid-19 Screening. Make safety visible by marking your patients and /or workers that have been screened. We offer 24 colors, so you can use a new color for over 3 weeks. We also, have Covid-19 Screening Designs for each day of the week.

Woven and imprinted cloth wristbands are unique and secure. They offer an extremely comfortable fit that is both durable and water-proof. Cloth wristbands can be customized with great details. Wondering where to buy wristbands? Click the "View Ready-Made Cloth" link below. Otherwise follow the Custom cloth wristbands link to create your own trendy wristbands.

For a totally unique and dazzling appearance, try Holographic. Colors and hues change as the band catches light from different angles. This comfortable plastic wristband can accept print. All made in the U.S.A. and completely recyclable plastic. Great for bars, VIP events, weddings, concert, and other special events. Custom imprinting is available on these wristbands to create your own speciality wristband.

Get great color and design with in a full color product. Multi-color wristbands showcase your logo or message, which makes it unique and secure. Multi-color wristbands can be produced on Vinyl, Plastic, Silicone, or Tyvek. Our in-house production in New Berlin, Wisconsin, so turn around time is faster and quality is controlled. Try your logo in multi-color and see the difference.

Plastic wristbands are very comfortable, light weight, provide extra security and wear time. The durable plastic is stretch resistant and waterproof. The quality plastic reproduces great color for full color imprints.

Our Silicone wristbands are produced with exacting standards for quality and purity. All wristbands come in individual bags and are SDS certified. Select from Debossed, Embossed, or Imprinted custom options.

Social distancing wristbands take the awkwardness our of social distancing. Using the classic stop and go light theme you can use color coded wristbands to show someones social distancing comfort levels.

Vinyl wristbands are an excellent choice for extended wear and custom imprinting. Made from a soft, comfortable vinyl, the wristband is durable with a three layer construction. The closure is totally secure with locking plastic snaps.

Individual, tear off tabs, allow for exact control of multiple activities. Each tab can be used for a ride at an amusement park, use tabs to track drinks or food, use tabs for specific offers. Cash tags are made with soft comfortable, and completely recyclable, vinyl. The security options make this an affordable and unique product. You can also customize the wristband and each individual tab for a high quality wristband. Cash tags are one of our specialty wristbands.

Unlimited access to Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Fright Walk and Laser Maze all day long.Purchase onsite at any ticket booth, at Mini Golf, Laser Tag, Fright Walk or Laser Maze. Or purchase online once you add your Ride Wristband to your cart. Online orders must be redeemed at a Ticket Booth window.

Ticket price includes all applicable state and local sales tax. The N.C. State Fair operates rain or shine, and does not offer refunds. Each ticket purchased online will be assessed a convenience fee (ranges from 5-15%). If you have questions about ordering tickets online, call 919-653-0443, go to Etix Online Support or

*Online sales are print-at-home tickets. Ticket sheet(s) and/or wristband(s) purchased online will be assessed a convenience fee (ranges from 5-15%). Ride sheets and ride wristbands will be print-at-home voucher(s) to be redeemed at the fair for ride ticket(s) or wristband(s).

To support your school, simply enter your school code under "Membership" at check-out on the Tools for Schools link. This promotion is only available online in advance of the Fair. Tickets must be purchased by 11:59 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 13.

Advanced One-Day Carnival Ride Discount Wristband $25. (online only until midnight on Aug 13) Individual ride tickets can also be purchased for $1.50 per ticket, $25 for 20 tickets, and $60 for 52 tickets in the Carnival area only. Ride wristbands WILL be placed on wrist at time of purchase. Absolutely no exceptions.

Regular priced One-day Ride Wristband: $35 and can ONLY be purchased at the Guest Services ticket stations located in the Carnival area of the Fairgrounds or on our website. All wristbands are only good on the day they are purchased until 11pm^ or midnight*. Ride wristbands WILL be placed on wrist at time of purchase. Absolutely no exceptions.

These ride wristbands can only be purchased at the Guest Services ticket stations located in the Carnival area of the Fairgrounds. Ride wristbands WILL be placed on wrist at time of purchase. Absolutely no exceptions.

These ride wristbands can only be purchased at the Guest Services ticket stations located in the Carnival area of the Fairgrounds. Ride wristbands WILL be placed on wrist at time of purchase. Absolutely no exceptions. The Air Raid ride is excluded from the ride wristband offer.

Advanced One-day ride wristband, available online only, through August 13 at midnight for $25.00. Good for any one day. Must be redeemed at the Carnival Guest Services ticket stations location in the Carnival area of the Fairgrounds.*

Buy Tickets: online OR at the gate: We encourage you to buy tickets online as we expect long lines. Due to staffing shortages, there will be limited person-to-person window sales. We thank you for your patience and understanding.

You must meet minimum height requirements to ride on the rides.Double seater go carts require both driver and passenger to have wristbands or individual tickets. Individual tickets may be purchased in-park only.

Welcome to! Our wristbands for events and event bracelets are ideal for managing access, overall security, age verification, crowd control, and so much more. Our wristbands for events come in a myriad of colors and pre-printed patterns. Although we provide a variety of event wristbands, only you will know the type that is best for your event or function. Today, we offer Tyvek, plastic, vinyl, and cloth wristbands for events, all of which can be customized with your own text or logo. We proudly offer the quickest turnaround times in the event wristband industry. No matter your specific needs, we have in-stock available inventory that can ship to you the same day, or basic custom event wristbands that often ship as early as the next business day.

Our Tyvek wristbands are the most common and are one of our best sellers. Tyvek wristbands are great for one-day events and are our cheapest solution. Tyvek wristbands are made from Dupont Tyvek - an incredibly strong, water-resistant material that is both light-weight and durable.

We also print custom Tyvek wristbands with black imprints or full-color designs. Both allow you to create a unique look for your event. Use our custom printed event wristbands to help market your event and protect against fraud. Our 3/4" Custom Tyvek Wristbands with Black Imprint have no setup fees and an extremely quick turnaround. Our Custom Full-color Tyvek Wristbands are as cheap as $35 USD. 041b061a72


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